Stop Bill C-30, the Online Surveillance Bill

Thank God for Rick Mercer! Love this hilarious (and frightening) rant. We have to stop Bill C-30, the Conservative online surveillance bill.
“The state has no business in the hard drives of the nation,” rants Mercer. If they want access, they can get a warrant. It’s the same as coming into my home.
This bill is a blatant disregard for privacy.
If Bill C-30 is passed, it will require that all sorts of online information about you will be readily organized and accessible (a big security risk). It also removes the requirement for independent oversight on police investigations, allowing mandatory disclosure of an internet subscriber’s information without a warrant.


This Week in Gov 2.0

This week in Gov 2.0 activists in Syria continue to upload video documenting the incoming artillery on Homs, circumventing the restricted access to international media imposed by the Syrian authorities. The government offensive has killed at least 300 people in the last week. Danny Abdul Dayem pleads for international intervention.

This week in Gov 2.0 the Obama campaign released a video celebrating the President’s win in the last election and some of the successes in office, through the lens of social media.

Also this week, the U.S. Government plans to leverage citizen participation with social media and online games to help catch criminals. The winner will be awarded $5,000. The game will test how social media can be used for law enforcement.